Birdwatching: My New Pandemic Hobby

I love nature, I enjoy leveling up, and I love pokemon go. I decided to pick up birdwatching because it’s like pokemon go, but in the real world. I like that I can multitask while bird watching: I can run, walk, and talk and also look out for birds. I find that having that outside focus helps me. Tuesday, I went for a long hike in the Presidio, SF while talking with a friend of mine about the FTC investigation of nine tech companies, including discord.

While talking about the ins and outs of privacy law walking around the palace of fine arts, in the Presidio of SF I saw one hummingbird, an american coot, a common moorhen, a western grebe and a California Gull. The Presidio has one of the most diverse bird populations of any urban park, which is really cool. This diversity is owing to a number of factors, including its great variety of habitats that range from open water and protected bay, to rocky and sandy shoreline, to tidal marshes, coastal scrub, grasslands, mixed woodlands and ornamental areas. Since the Presidio lies on a major bird migratory route along the west coast, it also hosts a variety of transient birds.

I didn’t see any of the more rare birds today but I’ll keep my eye out!